CRYSTAL FALLS — A local state park is one of eleven parks around the state that will be holding a Fourth of July alternative for those wanting to celebrate a quieter holiday.

For the last six months, residents have been able to reserve camp sites to attend a fireworks-free Fourth of July at Bewabic State Park in Crystal Falls.

While this camping event is open for anybody, it was created with veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in mind. It also welcomes families with small children and pets that get spooked by the loud sounds.

“The firework-free Fourth of July is essentially trying to accommodate customers who might not want to be around a large fireworks display show,” said Bewabic State Park Unit Supervisor Kasey Mahony. “They enjoy the quiet of our campground. We have some really great firework display shows that are within an hours drive of here so a lot of the families choose to got to the large displays then come back here for a quiet evening around the fire.”

Bewabic State Park is just one of three parks in the Upper Peninsula that participate in the firework-free holiday. The other two locations are Craig Lake State Park in Champion and Wells State Park in Cedar River. The selected parks house campgrounds located farther away from the community-held festivities.

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