Michigan Tech Students honor Orlando Shooting victims

HOUGHTON — A moment of silence observed on the campus of Michigan Tech for those killed in Sunday morning’s attack in Orlando.

It may have been a gay nightclub that was the site of a mass murder where 49 people lost their lives but the attack is felt by everyone. In a show of solidarity and support a gathering was held on the campus of Michigan Tech where the available names of those that were killed Sunday in Orlando were read. Organizers of the ceremony say the LGBTQIA community is broad and vast.

MTU Center for Diversity & Inclusion Program Coordinator Zachary Rubinstein said, “Whether you know it or not, you have been influenced and are friends with family members with someone in that community or somebody that knows somebody in that community and these are our neighbors and our co–workers, so this impacts everybody because we love these people and we want them to feel just as safe as everybody else does on a daily basis.”

In the wake of the tragedy many people are focusing on the suspect and not on the individuals who lost their lives and those who are now living in fear. Rubinstein said, “What I think the focus should be on is the safety of the LGBTQIA community and allowing them time to process and giving them support.”

The hope is that people will learn from this and take steps to prevent it from happening again. Rubinstein said, “While this is getting a lot of attention, as it should and should continue, we need to look for these signs of discrimination every day, and that way, hopefully, to prevent them.”