MARQUETTE — The warm weather has brought a local favorite back for another season.

The Marquette Farmer’s Market is will have an array of options for customers to chose from tomorrow as they open again for another year.

The market has been selling fresh, local goods at the Marquette Commons on South Third Street since 2007. This year, there are seventy registered vendors who will rotate based on the season of their produce.

The event attracts customers of all ages.

“I love seeing people just come to the market and enjoy,” said Market Manager Myra Zyburt. “I love the age range it attracts, from young children to older family members that are maybe in a wheelchair or a walker. It’s the kind of place that everyone wants to bring somebody.”

The available options not only add a variety to your flavor profile, but they’re affordable as well.

“The other thing we offer is a lot of food assistance benefits,” Zyburt added. “We have five different types that are either distributed or accepted here so that helps to make sure than everybody in our area has an opportunity to access the high-quality food.”

The farmer’s market will run through mid-December, rain or shine, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.