MARQUETTE — School is out for summer break at Northern Michigan University, but that didn’t stop some younger students from absorbing some knowledge today.

Middle school students from nine different charter schools are participating in a program called ‘Young Wildcat Scholars.’

Students from North Star Academy and even as far away as Ypsilanti and Detroit are at NMU for the three–day event that’s all about learning. Most of the kids attending the scholars program will be first–generation college students.

The program gives students a little taste of college life.

“This is all dependent on community groups, teachers and graduate students who are willing to volunteer their time to teach these courses,” said Derek Anderson, NMU Associate Professor of Education. “We give them a lot of freedom to teach what they want and it’s great to see students teaching. It’s college content but it’s really engaging for the sixth graders.”

“I really just enjoy volunteering and working with kids; the experience is really great,” said Emily Wright, who volunteered her time as one of the teachers. “I haven’t graduated just yet but I’m still getting experience.”

The Young Wildcat Scholars event wraps up tomorrow.