MUNISING — Thanks to yesterday’s election, Mather Elementary School in Munising will continue to be used for education.

A $16 million bond proposal would have been used in part to build a new elementary school wing onto Munising’s middle and high school facility, leaving Mather Elementary to be converted into an apartment complex. With the proposal denied by over seventy percent of voters, Munising’s elementary students will remain at that facility.

“Mather is near and dear to a lot of people in the community, and I think that was a hurdle that was hard to overcome,” said Munising Superintendent Pete Kelto. “People like seeing Mather as a school, and I think the vote was pretty clear that that’s something that will perhaps continue here.”

Kelto says the district will continue to provide a great education to help students be successful every day.

“We will kind of evaluate where we’re at and continue to be forward–thinking and try and do what we feel is best for the students in the district,” Kelto added.

Other technology updates in the district would have been funded by the proposal as well.