HARVEY — This evening Marquette Area Public Schools held a town hall meeting about an upcoming bond proposal with Superintendent Bill Saunders following his presentation at the Marquette City Commission meeting last night.

A handful of people gathered at Cherry Creek Elementary School in Harvey this evening to discuss the upcoming bond proposal. As we reported last night the bond would allow the growing school district to expand their elementary school’s facilities to have more classroom space.

Saunders says the upcoming bond proposal plays out like an extension of the current bond.

“We have a millage that goes back to 1994 that was used to build Cherry Creek Elementary School and Superior Hills Elementary School. It started at 2.9 mils. As we’ve paid more on the principal, as we’ve refinanced over the years, it’s down to .58 mils. That .58 is due to fall off the books, and so the current bond that we’re proposing would act like an extension and it would replace those .58 mils for the next three years.”

As a whole, the tax payer would pay 1.5 mils to the local school system, a rate which would decrease after three years.

This bond would help fund multiple improvements to facilities like the track and field, help build an auxiliary gym and help fund upgrades to the Shiras Planetarium to make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Voters take to the polls on May 3rd.