GRAND MARAIS — Au Sable Lighthouse officials are asking that you peek up in that attic or in those old boxes in your garage.

They are looking for historic items to fill the living quarters at the Au Sable Lighthouse in Grand Marais. The lighthouse was built in 1874. To give you an idea of the time frame, Levis jeans were first patented at this time as well.

“We are not looking for big fancy things, usually lighthouse keepers quarters were pretty minimalistic. The more government bare bones type operations so we are hoping people will have some things hidden in their attics that they wouldn’t mind donating to the national park,” said Ranger Susan Reece, Pictured Rock National Lakeshore.

Au Sable Lighthouse also has a museum on site. Their cultural resource specialist can determine if the items donated fit the scope of the collection.

“By having some actual furniture it makes it look lived in, people get a better sense of how people lived here, what they had, what they used. It always helps with kids to help them understand there were no televisions or Xbox’s. Gives them a chance to step back in time to see what the families had because families did live out here and see what they had.” continued Ranger Reece.

You can submit your items for review by giving Ranger Susan Reece a call at (906) 387-2607 x208 or via email at or by visiting the Au Sable Lighthouse website.

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