GLADSTONE — An open house was held earlier today at the Michigan State Police –Gladstone Post.

A large number of officers were available to give members of the community an inside look at what they do and how they do it. Law enforcement officials look forward to this event every year.

“It’s nice because we get to interact with people on a good day,” said Detective Sergeant Jeremy Hauswirth, “we get to see them when they’re just here asking questions. So often in law enforcement we deal with good people on a bad day and we deal with bad people on a bad day, so it’s nice to interact with people in a normal way.”

“We enjoy this, it’s one of the highlights of our day,” said Canine Handler Trooper Patrick McNeely, “the dog loves it, he can get out because a lot of what he enjoys is just interaction with people. He’s a very social dog and we don’t get to do that very often because he’s working actually in one of his disciplines out on the road. So when we can interact with the kids and the other folks in the community it’s great for the people to see the dog and for the dog to work and see some of the people in the community.”

The family–friendly community open house displays included the underwater recovery unit, crime scene trailer and much more.

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