MARQUETTE — A free college class is open to the public and registration has already begun. ABC Ten’s Sarah Mac has more on the course and this unique opportunity.

NMU is offering a free online Common Sense Economics course.

NMU Professor Tawni Farrarini says, “The Common Sense Economics for Life Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, is Northern’s first offering. It’s an appetizer to some of the things we do here in the economics department, and so anyone from anywhere can participate in this MOOC.”

That means even if you’re in middle school, or even if you’ve already reached adulthood you could take the course. There is no limit to the amount of students who can register. People across the country and across the world are registering for the course.

One of the advantages to taking this online course is that you can complete it anywhere that will offer internet access, and that you’re not bound to a classroom at any specific time of the day.

The course only take one to two hours a week. If the pupil spends two hours a week at the course it can be completed in only six weeks.

“What we’re doing is we’re offering a four-badge system, where people can kind of journey through videos, readings, podcasts and learn more about basic economics,” Ferrarini added, “why some nations prosper and others don’t, the economics of government, as well as financial fitness, financial fitness for life.”

Even though you can’t earn credit, you could earn badges that you could add to a resume, and for those who score 80 percent or higher on all the quizzes will qualify for a certificate of completion that can be purchased for $25.

To register for the course click here.


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