WASHINGTON, D.C. — A recent report from the Department of Veterans Affairs says that over 300,000 veterans died while they waited to receive care. Congressman Dan Benishek says that the report’s findings, which came straight from the VA Inspector General, are outrageous.

The report stems back more than a year ago when the scandal involving the VA and its veterans first came to light. According to the Inspector General, 800,000 veterans were on the back burner waiting for care. That information doesn’t sit well with Benishek, who spent 20 years as a VA doctor.

“We’ve made it easier for the secretary (VA Secretary Robert McDonald) to remove people, we’ve improved their funding, we’ve made it easier for veterans to get access to community care, but there still are a lot of problems,” said Benishek.

“The secretary has removed three people. After all of the stuff we’ve seen in the last year, heads need to roll there and we need to make sure we have a culture of accountability at the VA,” Benishek added.

Benishek serves as chairman of the Veterans Health Subcommittee.

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