MARQUETTE — If you’re looking to get a head start on Beer Fest and want to taste Michigan–made beer, you’re in luck.

The 1st annual Yooper Brewer Tap Takeover will be hosted at The 906 Bar & Grill on Friday night. The tap takeover will feature six different breweries with all of the brewers being Yooper natives. All of the beers will be focused upon the nature of what it means to be from U.P.

“They’re bringing a work ethic that is born out of the Upper Peninsula and I think that’s going to show in their product,” said Ore Dock Brewery Liaison Adam Robarge, “there’s also some interesting beers that are coming up as well. Rockford Brewing Company and Blackrocks Brewery collaborated with Trenary Toast, so that’s very U.P. centric.”

The idea for the event came from a conversation between Ron Denning of Osgood Brewing and Nick VanCourt of Ore Dock. The idea turned into fruition very quickly.

“When the guys from the Ore Dock Brewing Company came over and approached me with this idea I said yes right away,” said The 906 Sports Bar & Grill General Manager Jason Ghiardi, “I figured it would a great opportunity to showcase our name, The 906 Sports Bar & Grill along with some local brewers who are originally from the 906 area code. With us being a restaurant that features a lot of these microbrews, we wanted to jump on board, host this event, so we can also feature some of the good food in the U.P. along with some of the good beers.”

The event begins at 6 p.m. on Friday and will feature the following list below.

Nick VanCourt’s Harvest Saison from Ore Dock Brewing
Ron Denning’s Sol Seeker: American Wheat from Osgood Brewing
Jesse Herman’s UPX: IPA from Upper Hand Brewery
Dave Manson’s Nordskye: Session IPA from Blackrocks Brewery
Seth Rivard’s Trenary Toast: Cinnamon Amber from Rockford Brewing
Jason Robinson’s UP IPA from Brickside Brewery

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