Kids in rehab aren’t forgetting about school

NEGAUNEE — Substance abuse rehabilitation can be hard work, and it can be even harder when the person needing rehab is just a kid. One organization is trying to make that challenge just a little easier.

Great Lakes Recovery Centers runs a residential treatment program in Negaunee for twelve to seventeen year olds. The kids who enter the program participate in a variety of therapeutic activities, from creating artwork to working in the community through service learning programs. But, one of the most important focuses of the recovery program is time spent in the classroom. Paul Trdan is the teacher at GLRC Negaunee, and he says that going to school every day doesn’t just help the kids keep up on their studies. It also helps them develop a sense of self–worth.

“My personal belief is that if a student feels valued, that contributes to not only their success in the classroom, but how they carry themselves in the community and ultimately leads to finding a different coping mechanism other than substance abuse,” said Trdan.

There are usually around ten students in the classroom at a time, and they’re often at very different places in their education. Some are behind in their studies and trying to catch up, and others are working hard to stay on par with their home school district. But, the small class size allows for lots of individual attention to help ensure success.

“We all love working with our clients. I’m blessed to have an amazing staff and we love working with the kids. We love their energy and we always feel good in knowing they always leave our program in a better place than when they came in,” said Teresa Piziali, Program Supervisor at GLRC Negaunee.

The kids in the recovery program come from all over the UP and Wisconsin. If you’d like more information about Great Lakes Recovery Centers, visit their website here.