HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech students brought their sweat and resumes into the Student Development Center today, prepared to take on over 240 employers, which is a new record at MTU.

They spent the past week attending sessions to get the ready for career fair, doing things like mock interviews and learning how to dress properly. Companies from across the country were eager to meet with the students because they know what kind of reputation Michigan Tech has.

“We have a lot of alumni from Michigan Tech. It’s an awesome school, too, especially the mechanical and engineering programs,” Matt DiSilvio of Marathon Petroleum said. “We’ve always had success getting co–ops. And again, the alumni that we have at Marathon do a great job and they’re very active up here and well always get a good turnout so it’s worth our while. Plus, beautiful campus to come up to.”

Students eagerly waited in lines as employers asked about the interests of the students and students asked about the opportunities available at the companies. Career Services Director Stephen Pachin spoke about the passion in the students at Michigan Tech, and that’s what brings these companies back every year.

“Because it takes a lot of sacrifice and a lot of effort to be successful in their course work,” Pachin said. “And to be honest, they’re also very involved. They’re in communities and clubs. They’re doing philanthropic work. They’re a very well-rounded student and that’s what the companies are looking for.”

And the students are well aware of how important it is to leave a good impression, immediately after the first handshake.

“Each year, we keep getting bigger and bigger. It’s just a good sign that shows that companies are interested in Huskies so we hope to keep bringing them in,” environmental engineering student Brent Cousino said.

“We have the people coming in here because they know the students that come here have worked hard and know their way around. The labs, the classes…they are all designed to make us proper engineers right from the get–go and it makes us a desirable place,” mechanical engineering student Sylvie Rokosh said.

With events like these, it looks like Michigan Tech will continue to be a great place for employers to find their future employees.