NCLL members learn about making rubber stamps

MARQUETTE — With so much technology today, you probably don’t think much about rubber stamps anymore. However, stamp-making is still an art form and one group wanted to find out how it’s done.

Members of the Northern Center for Lifelong Learning took a tour of Fred’s Rubber Stamp today. Fred Warren started the business in 1977 after the only other rubber stamp making shop in Marquette shut its doors. His shop is the last hot metal print shop in the Upper Peninsula, which means he gets a fair amount of visitors.

“It’s educational for them and I always have fun,” Warren said. “Usually I know a lot of the people and some of them I’ve never met before but I know them when they leave and we get to talk again sooner or later.”

Fred taught the NCLL members how to set the type and start up the printing machine and then gave them the chance to try it themselves.

The NCLL offers plenty of opportunities for learning, ranging from tours like this one to travelogues and craft lessons. Anyone is welcome to join and offer up their own suggestions for fun, educational activities.

“We have programs that are for people that just like to go sit and watch a program, we have programs for those who like the out of doors,” NCLL curriculum committee member Carole Bard said. “In fact we’ve even had overnight programs to places like Mackinaw Island last fall.”

If you’d like to join the NCLL, contact their office at 906-227-2979 or visit