Negaunee students learn fire prevention through art

NEGAUNEE — For National Fire Prevention Week, elementary students in Negaunee have been helping to promote awareness through art.

Lakeview Elementary School holds a poster contest annually for all students from Kindergarten through fourth grade. Each student takes the theme of National Fire Prevention Week and puts their own artistic spin on it.

“It says ‘working smoke alarms save lives, test yours every month,'” said 2nd grade contest winner Claire Carlson.

“I used red and yellow,” said Kindergarten winner Megan Broeders.

“They have about two weeks to work on it,” long-term substitute art teacher Laura Ross said. “The first week is the pencil drawing and the ideation, and the second week is coloring and completing the final details.”

The contest helps the kids learn more about fire prevention, including planning escape routes from the school and their homes. The winners also get a very special prize.

“The kids who won first place will get to ride to school on Monday morning on a fire truck with the lights and the horns,” Ross added. “I think it’s such a clever incentive to raise awareness about fire safety, and a great way for everybody to get excited about fire drills and figuring out what’s the best out if there is an emergency at home.”

In addition to the poster contest, groups of students have been touring the Negaunee fire station to help them learn more about what to do to help prevent fires and stay safe.