Preschoolers learn discipline through karate

Future martial artists gathered at the YMCA of Marquette County this morning to begin their training.

It was the first day of the Spirit Warrior Karate Academy, a class offered to preschoolers by Tang Soo Do Karate. It gives youngsters who are excited about martial arts a chance to see how it’s done.

“Preschoolers want to do karate,” said Tang Soo Do Karate Founder and Chief Instructor, Master Joyce Tredeau. “They look at TV, they look at the movies, they’re running around the house doing it, so we might as well teach them how to do it right, and my job is to direct them so that they can have fun, be safe, and develop their skills.”

The class relates the lessons students learn to scripture and faith. Students also learn moves and play games that teach both the physical aspects of karate and useful skills for everyday life.

“So if the student is listening, they will develop skills that will help them in school,” Tredeau added. “They’ll pay attention better, they’ll be more respectful at home. I actually teach the students to say ‘yes, mom, yes, dad.’ That discipline and respect is huge.”

“It’s a very good discipline,” said Bob Struck, a parent of one of the preschoolers. “The kids learn to concentrate, pay attention, work on their physical skills, and it’s a good balance for children to gather so they can learn, whether it’s sports or karate or any life endeavor.”

Tang Soo Do also offers various classes for aspiring martial artists of all ages. Those interested can find out more by visiting the YMCA of Marquette County.