Michigan has 51 ski areas, more than any other state.

Everyone from beginners to experienced professionals, so purchasing the right equipment is essential. Sometimes purchasing used equipment is a great idea, especially for beginners to intermediate level skiers. Used gear is economical and if you are just starting out it’s a great way to get introduced to the sport and when shopping some things you want to look out for.

Switchback Gear Exchange Manager says “For downhill skis you want to look at the base of the ski, you don’t want to see any big dents on the bottom, you want the edges to be sharp and not rusty.  The most important thing is that skis when they are eight to ten years old, the bindings are obsolete.  Boots don’t go obsolete, so find some that fit you well and that are comfortable and you will have a more enjoyable experience.”

Although fun, skiing can be a risky sport. Purchasing equipment from a knowledgeable salesperson is critical. Just winging it, when you are unsure of what good used ski gear is, you could injure yourself as well as waste money.

“Blisters are a big problem, we get a lot of people in here who have gone and purchased five dollars skis and that is great but they bring the ski in here trying to find a binding for it and that ski is obsolete. The boot that came with the ski does not fit, it’s not the right ski for them, continued Campbell.

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