Michigan DNR to Use 250 Million Dollars to Invest in State Park Infrastructure Projects this Summer

The Michigan Department of Natural Resource will begin working on a substantial investment into parks across the state. The state will use 250 million dollars in ARPA funds to make critical infrastructure upgrades with many projects starting this spring and lasting throughout the summer. Some of the plans will cause disruptions to visitor plans for day trips, however, the department looks forward to many much-needed improvements across the park system.

With these projects set to get underway, the department encourages visitors to check on what projects may impact plans at certain parks. Most of which will impact visits to parks downstate. McLain State Park in Hancock receives a 350,000 dollar investment to upgrade the park’s wastewater treatment system. That project will begin on August 1st.

Considering some of the project lengths or potential inconveniences to enjoying Michigan’s outdoors, this summer may see more visitors to the state’s less popular and smaller state parks. Consider visiting one of the many other state parks that will not have projects interrupting destination plans such as many of those located in the Upper Peninsula. Given the lack of winter tourism to the Northern Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula this past season, also consider visiting a park near the many small towns throughout the region. Businesses, residents, and recreation opportunities throughout Michigan wait for anyone willing to adventure outside.

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