Five students awarded tuition assistance from the Copper Shores Community Health Foundation

The Copper Shores Community Health Foundation has awarded tuition assistance scholarships to five medical students at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, UP Region Campus, for the second consecutive year. The scholarships are granted based on several criteria, including the student’s intention to practice in the Upper Peninsula post-residency, their year in medical school second through fourth, and their commitment to train at the UP Region Campus for the final two years of their medical education.

The recipients of the scholarships are Kyle Burton, Sault Ste. Marie; Katrina Elzinga, Marquette; David Klemet, Oak Park; Lindsay Sandell, Houghton; and Mackenzie Suarez, Davisburg. The Copper Shores Community Health Foundation views the Tuition Assistance Scholarship as an investment in the future. It supports medical students who wish to return and practice in the region. The foundation believes that supporting these students during their clinical curriculum rotations across the UP strengthens the connection to the upcoming generation of skilled health care professionals.