Two Classical Concerts with the Rozsa Center will Entertain the Copper Country

For the first time in a decade, the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra will return to the hallowed halls of the Calumet Theater. The long-awaited return includes a performance of Russian composer Vladimir Tchaikovsky’s final work, Symphony No. 6. KSO Music Director Joel Neves says that in the orchestra’s previous two appearances in the theater, the space has come alive with sound.

“And then we’re playing Tempest Overture by Tchaikovsky as well, which is based on the play by Shakespeare. A very rocky, turbulent, glorious piece. And we’re bringing in a guest conductor from Romania named Cristian Lupeș, a conductor who conducts throughout Europe and the United States. He conducts an orchestra in Transylvania, Romania, and we’re bringing him in. to guest conduct the entire concert with the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra.” – Joel Neves, Director of Music, Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra

Special guest conductor Cristian Lupes travels from Romania to the Keweenaw to take over the lead for the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra on Saturday. Partly so Nevis can focus on a special show with the Superior Wind Symphony on Sunday in the McArdle Theater.

“And so John Philip Sousa wrote a march called the National Game March, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of the National League in Major League Baseball. and so it requires the percussionist to hit two Louisville sluggers together, two bats together, as part of the march.” – Joel Neves, Director of Music, Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra

Saturday’s show with the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra and guest conductor Kristen Lupes at the Calumet Theatre will start at 7.30 pm, followed by a second bombastic show with the American Dream and the Superior Wind Symphony on Sunday at 7.30 pm. Both shows are included in the Pay As You Are Able ticketing program with the Rozsa Center.

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 at the Calumet Theatre

The American Dream Presented by Michigan Tech Music at the McArdle Theater