2024 February Primary Results in the Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s first presidential primary has wrapped up for 2024. Voters steadily streamed in and out of the area’s polling place yesterday. The city of Hancock had all three precincts vote at the Lakeside Manor. Other municipalities had normal precinct locations set up. At the Dee Stadium in Houghton clerk Henry Nordsieck says that the site saw a regular stream of voters coming in during the first three hours.

“It’s been slow and steady. We’ve been open for three hours. We’ve had 36 people come to vote.” – Henry Nordsieck, Clerk, Dee Stadium City of Houghton Precinct

Some residents expressed several concerns walking out of their polling place today. At Dee Stadium, one of Houghton’s busiest polling places in the county, Houghton resident Scott Wagner said he’s most concerned about border security going in the ballot box.

“I think there’s not much different than what we’ve been seeing on the news recently. Immigration and yeah, that’s been one of the biggest ones recently that I’ve locked onto. But yeah, and just the total direction of the country and the way it’s going right now.” – Scott Wagner, Houghton Resident

Another Houghton resident, Ken Driessien, added that he hopes the issue improves, however, as an independent voter, he feels neither party offers many solutions.

“Neither party will solve in my mind. I’ve been an independent mostly in my life, but there’s still a difference. I feel there’s kind of a lesser to evil things myself, but I hope that it gets better. Try to be positive.” – Ken Driessen, Houghton Resident

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump both take away wins from the Michigan February primary. Unofficial primary results have been released for Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw, and Ontonagon County. Adams Township School District voters in Ontonagon and Houghton counties both passed the Adams Township School District operating millage. Ontonagon County voters also passed the Ontario area school district operating millage. Laurium Village voters passed the millage that will raise another 29,000 dollars for snow removal. A final local item was passed by Stanton township voters for the Fire Department millage. Those interested in viewing unofficial primary results for Upper Peninsula counties can find details below.

Michigan Presidential Primary Results:

Democratic Primary:

Joseph R. Biden: 617,728

Dean Phillips: 20,449

Marianne Williamson: 22,797

Uncommitted: 100,960

Republican Primary:

Ryan L. Binkley: 2.357

Chris Christie: 4,770

Ron DeSantis: 13,373

Nikki Haley: 294,334

Asa Hutchinson: 1,087

Vivek Ramaswamy: 3,707

Donald J. Trump: 755,909

Uncommitted: 33,373


Local Proposals:

Alger County:

Alger County Library Millage Renewal

Yes: 1281

No: 775

Alger County Ambulance Services Millage Renewal and Restoration

Yes: 1,636

No: 422

Munising Township Streets and Roads Proposal

Yes: 312

No: 210

Chippewa and Mackinac Counties

Superior District Library Millage Proposal

Yes: 3,178

No: 3,137

Chippewa County

Whitefish Township EMS Millage Proposal

Yes: 149

No: 140

Dickinson and Iron Counties:

Dickinson-Iron District Health Department Operational Millage Renewal

Yes: 4,976

No: 3,287

Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Millage Proposal

Yes: 4,734

No: 3,439

Dickinson County

Dickinson County Healthcare Benefits Assistance Millage Renewal

Yes: 3,180

No: 2,251

Dickinson County Senior Citizen Millage Renewal 1

Yes: 3,680

No: 1,767

Dickinson County Senior Citizen Millage Renewal 2

Yes: 3,347

No: 2,087

Iron Mountain School Liaison Officer Millage Renewal

Yes: 680

No: 409

Norway Township Fire Protection and Road Millage Renewal

Yes: 262

No: 101

Houghton County:

Stanton Township Fire Department Operating Millage

Yes: 363

No: 37

Village of Laurium Millage Proposal

Yes: 301

No: 94

Adams Township School District Operating Millage Renewal

Yes: 305


Iron County:

Iron County Medical Care Facility Millage Renewal

Yes: 1,928

No: 900

Iron County Central Dispatch/911 Millage Renewal

Yes: 2,103

No: 722

Iron County Central Dispatch/911 New Millage Proposal

Yes: 1,800

No: 1,012

West Iron District Library Millage Renewal

Yes: 1,061

No: 572

Bates Township General Operation and Road Maintenance Millage Renewal

Yes: 213

No: 81

Mackinac County

Engadine Consolidated Schools Operating Millage Renewal

Yes: 308

No: 134

Marquette County

Ishpeming Public School District Sinking Fund Millage Renewal

Yes: 833

No: 345

Sands Township Recreational Facilities Millage Proposal

Yes: 314

No: 213

Menominee County:

North Central Area Schools Operating Millage Renewal

Yes: 439

No: 167

Ontonagon County:

Adams Township School District Operating Millage Renewal

Yes: 9


Ontonagon Area School District Operating Millage Proposal

Yes: 781

No: 290