Heikinpaiva: A Celebration of Finnish Heritage and Community Spirit in Copper Country

"Big Louie" sled - photo courtesy of the City of Hancock

Over the weekend, the Copper Country was buzzing with excitement. The day began with Heikinpaiva attendees flocking to the Tori markets. A variety of local vendors at the Finnish American Heritage Center and Hancock First United Methodist Church offered a range of unique items and goods to visitors. Outside, Quincy Green was filled with families and friends enjoying kick sleds and sledding down the hill, all in anticipation of the upcoming parade. Finnish folk characters, including Big Louie, paraded down Quincy Street, accompanied by local leaders and groups. The festivities continued with a wife-carrying contest and a polar plunge, providing more fun for families on the green. As the day concluded, the community gathered at the Finnish American Heritage Center for an evening of dinner and dancing. The memorable weekend was a vibrant celebration of community spirit and Finnish heritage. The events truly showcased the unique charm and rich cultural tapestry of the Copper Country.

This report was prepared by Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Thomas Fournier and ABC 10 News Reporter Selena Potila