Mindtrekkers Helps Kids Stay Curious About Science and Math

Mindtrekkers and UP work to support kids in staying curious and discovering new things. Yesterday thousands of middle school students from all over the western Upper Peninsula had the opportunity to discover hands-on science at the OneUP Copper Trail Festival. During the day kids got to learn from college students at Michigan Tech, who helped to show them different ways science impacts the world.

“The idea of putting college students in front of middle school students as role models is powerful. And for our college students, this is Tuesday of finals week. So they’re giving up hours of a critical time of the semester. To be here and volunteer with the students. And that takes a lot of independence and resourcefulness. And leadership and communication as well. So for our college students the experience of being able to be a mentor. And being an inspiration to younger students is a critical part of the Mindtrekkers program.” – Cassy Tefft de Mũnoz, Executive Director, MTU Center for Educational Outreach

UP Works wants to help kids discover what makes them excited to learn. Because often what people like to learn about ends up guiding someone into a career.

“It’s not just STEM that’s in the U.P. There are a lot of great opportunities here. And we want to make sure they’re aware of those too. However, STEM does have widespread concepts that can be used in many different career fields. So you’re seeing students think back to what they learned in class. And they’ll challenge them with some of the questions. And it’s really exciting to see that amazement of seeing something they weren’t expecting to happen. And see them rack their brain to relate it to concepts they learn in class. And then it’s our job to relate those to what’s available in the U.P.” Darren Widder, Director of Special Initiatives, U.P. Michigan Works

Mind trekkers programs are a part of the Michigan Tech’s Center for Education and Outreach’s youth-centered programs. Learn more about future youth programming here. Individuals interested in learning how UP works can help high school students get started in their first job or involved in apprenticeship programs can also find links here.