Welcome to another Wildlife Wednesday where we here at ABC 10 News bring you photos, videos and stories about the wonderful wildlife that is abound in this great Upper Peninsula.

This week’s videos and photo come to you from ABC 10 creative services producer Jake Lenderink and his girlfriend Jessica Tenant.

Jake and Jessica occasionally spy an albino deer in Marquette who they describe as something of a local celebrity.

The white doe is always ready for her close-up as she casually strolls through a neighborhood in the Wright Street area.

The snow colored beauty is often seen in the company of a number of other tan colored does, which Jake and Jessica affectionately refer to as her posse.

They say the deer has been hanging around this part of town for at least three years that they know of, and they hope to see it for more years to come.

“It’s fun to see because I have never seen anything like that before,” Jake said. “We both think it’s interesting.”

Jake said it would be very sad if the deer got hit by a car.

“It’s always nice to see it because every time we do we are sure it is still okay,” he said.