Muskegon man sentenced for his series of firearm thefts

A Muskegon man has been sentenced to seven and a half years in federal prison for his involvement in a series of firearm thefts.

Casey Johnson, age 29, was convicted of three counts of theft of firearms from a federal firearms licensee and three counts of felon in possession of firearms.

Police were investigating three break-ins at the business “Michigan Pawn Brokers” in Grand Haven involving stolen firearms when their efforts led them to recover some of the guns in a motel room at which Johnson was staying.

ATF Detroit special agent in charge James Deir said this case is an example of why crime does not pay.

He said, ” Casey Johnson decided to steal firearms from a federally licensed firearms dealer, because as a prior convicted felon it was easier than passing a background check. Casey will have a lot of free time to reflect on his poor choices while serving time in a federal prison.”