Finlandia University Buildings Vandalized

The Hancock police department is searching for a person in connection with graffiti tagged on Finlandia University’s campus. The Hancock police department was notified of a suspicious person on the Finlandia University campus who may have spray-painted several walls of Wargelin, and Nikander halls. One tagged wall shows an obscene phrase and other graffiti marks include other phrases. The person in question for the graffiti was caught on surveillance cameras in the area and was seen on the roof of Wargelin hall. Police believe the graffiti took the person between fifteen to thirty minutes to complete. Anyone with information leading to the identity of the person in connection to the graffiti recently painted on two Finlandia University buildings is asked to contact the city of Hancock police department. The Hancock police department can be reached at 906 482 7700.

Find the Hancock Police Department’s facebook post here.