Would Michigan be “Okay” in a Zombie Apocalypse?

The answer is not definitive, but Michiganders may be alright. According to CableTV.com, there are many components used to determine a state’s rank among zombie survivability.

We start with the four factors that go into this ranking system (each category is worth 25% of the total):

  1. Population Density. The population of cities and the state are detrimental in determining how many potential zombies could surround you and a safe haven.
  2. The Gross Receipts of Farms per Capita. After a few years, all the canned goods will be gone, you may become reliant on growing your food source.
  3. The Yearly Search Volume for Mountain Dew and Ramen per State. The shelf life is questionable, but many believe this could an everlasting snack for post apocalypse.
  4. The State’s Electricity Percentage from Solar. How will we get energy after the power company is shut down?

These factors help determine that North Dakota is the “Safe Haven,” of the USA. It was rated 74.07/100, making it the number one destination to be at in a post-apocalyptic world.

Ranking lowest of all 50 States, is New Jersey, coming in with a score of just 6.73/100. Now you may wonder, what rank does our home state Michigan rank in at?

Number 30 is the state of Michigan with a total score of 39.2/100. I feel as though the Yoopers may have just a tad bit higher odd, as zombies may not be a fan of our Winters! The first snowstorm and they would head south just like the geese! Speaking of South, the upper peninsula border state of Wisconsin, takes place holder number 14, with a total score of 48.56/100.

To view how other states are ranked and the fun facts listed on their page, go to: The Best and Worst States for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse 2021 (cabletv.com)


Watch here: Would Michigan do Well in a Zombie Apocalypse? – YouTube