The Copper Country Shows Off Its Plaidurday Pride at the Houghton High School Football Field

Happy Plaidurday Upper Peninsula! It’s a great day to break a record. Earlier today, Visit Keweenaw and the City of Houghton invited the Copper Country to show their Paidurday pride and join at Houghton High School for a chance to break a world record. currently the record for the most people wearing plaid in a single photo is owned by a small Ontario town in Canada. Visit Keweenaw Public Relations and Events coordinator, Jesse Wiederhold says that it was exciting to see so many people come out to the football field and join family, friends, and neighbors to take their photos.

“You know, we worried all week about the weather, we thought people weren’t going to come out. But look at this, this is crazy, we had so many people come out, it just blew us away. There were over 1700 people who came to the Houghton Football Field. That’s incredible. So, I guess, Happy Plaidurday everyone!” Jesse Wiederhold, Public Relations and Events Coordinator Visit Keweenaw

One thousand seven hundred and forty copper country residents came together for plaid, community pride, and to bring a world record home. Wierderhold says that they will work with the city of Houghton to submit the proper paperwork for the official world record. And should hear back from organizers sometime in the next few weeks. Visit Keweenaw and Houghton thanks to everyone who came out to make the 2023 Plaidurday one to remember.