Hancock Schools to Reconsider Varsity Hockey Co-Op at April Board Meeting

Hancock public schools will reconsider the high school varsity hockey co –op with Lake Linden Hubbell Schools at their next school board meeting. Recently, the school board voted to dissolve the varsity hockey co-op; citing concerns from hockey parents over the past three, desiring more opportunities for Hancock schools students a chance to play the sport. That recent board meeting was met by lake linden players’ parents, Hancock hockey co op players and coaches, who all voiced they desired to keep the co-op. After the board’s decision was made public to dissolve the co-op, the board received an overwhelming amount of comments from the public, questioning the decision and its effect on the school’s ability to compete with nearby districts. Prompting the board to add reconsideration of the co-op to their April meeting.

Statement from School Board President Dale Kero:

Hancock Public Schools entered into a co-op with Lake Linden Schools 3 years ago. HPS made a 2 year commitment to the co-op with the option to revisit every year after that commitment. A co-op with other schools traditionally is based on the availability of student athletes for any particular sport. The reason the co-op was placed on the March agenda for board discussion is as follows:
The school board’s decision was based on feedback over the past several years from some of the Hancock hockey community concerned about Hancock kids not being given an opportunity to play Varsity Ice Hockey. Since our decision on Monday to dissolve the co-op program at the Varsity level, we have heard from the rest of the Hancock hockey community and they have clearly spoken that the co-op is wanted and needed, so we are planning to place it back onto April’s board agenda and have another vote to reinstate it.