A Christmas Carol presented by the Michigan Tech University Theater Opens Tonight

Charles Dickens classic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge, ghosts, and the spirit of Christmas will take stage tonight at the Rozsa theater on Michigan tech’s campus. The opening performance tonight, and this weekend’s shows are directed by Trish Helsel, and performed by the Michigan Tech Theater. Helsel believes that Christmas carol is regarded by many as a Christmas classic from dickens’ style of writing, and the connection many  can feel with the story’s main character. According to Scrooge himself, tonight’s show is more emotional than other adaptations.

“The sense of somebody who’s kind of lost for what to do with their life. He’s not, you know, just grumpy. He’s grumpy for a reason, and I guess I want to make sure that is conveyed, I guess. Hopefully it’s going to be a bit of a touching story. That might, may be heart warming. Hopefully, It is a bit more emotional than other adaptions I’ve seen of the show.” – Joseph Pickens, portrays Ebeneezer Scrooge

Part of the emotion will come from an orphan who will consistently be seen on stage. The character, acts as a reminder of who the spirit of Christmas helps. Plus Tiny Tim and the orphans, played by Leila Inal, Lillyana Birondo, and Avery Roberts respectively, each think you should come out and see them on stage.

“I’m really happy. And I think that it’s the best character I could have gotten. I just love being Tiny Tim.” – Leila Inal, Portrays Tiny Tim Crachet

“I think they’d want to come because it’s a classic. I mean it’s basically a holiday favorite. So you can see it online, but to really be there at the play.” – Lillyana Birondo, Portrays the Orphan on Thursday and Saturday

“I’m the first person you see on stage. And throughout the play I sing to people to get money, because I don’t have any. And at the end they guy, gives me money to go buy a turkey.” – Avery Roberts, Portrays the Orphan on Friday and Sunday

The Michigan Tech Theater presents a Christmas carol will first show tonight at 7:30 pm. Tomorrow and Saturday’s show will also start at that same time. Sunday’s performance of a Christmas Carol starts at 2 pm. Find more information about tickets, show time, and the play bill online on the Rozsa Center’s website.