Trinity Episcopal Church – Houghton Hosting Benefit Concert for Ukrainian Refugees

Editor’s Note; There are nine NGO’s in the United States working with refugees.

HOUGHTON – This Saturday Trinity Episcopal Church – Houghton is hosting a Concert for Ukraine, to help support organizations helping humanitarian efforts in the country. Like with their concert for Afghanistan a few months back, the church is bringing in live music, notably Dean and Bette Premo of White Water. Adelina Oronova and Nazar Gora, with Yoopers for Ukraine, will perform a spoken word poem, in both English and Ukrainian, with accompanying music.

An incredible organization called, Episcopal Migration Ministries, which is one of nine organizations in the whole country, nine NGO’s, that contract with the federal government for actual boots on the ground attention to refugees from war tor places around the world. They did fantastic work with Afghan resettlement, and they’re just ramping up their work with the Ukrainians. – John Austin, Perish Steward Trinity Episcopal Church – Houghton

The concert on Saturday will benefit Episcopal Migration Ministries, who work with refugees to find ways out of war torn regions. Perish Steward, John Austin, says that the benefit concert is a great chance to gather with friends and family, and enjoy a wide variety of music and performances. The concert will be at Trinity Episcopal Church – Houghton starting at 2 pm this Saturday. Donations are welcome, please be prepared as the church can only take donations in cash or check. In the future, Austin, hopes to include a digital or card option for attendees.