Yoopers for Ukraine Hosting Benefit Gala at the Rozsa Center Next Week

HOUGHTON – Yoopers for Ukraine is hosting a night of cinema and art at the Rozsa Center on Michigan Tech’s campus next week. Organizers hope the benefit event can raise funds for a chaplain on the front line. His team lost their emergency vehicle. The proceeds will also pay for med-packs for soldiers. Ukraine and the upper peninsula are connected in a multitude of ways. From immigrant miners who made the trek from Ukraine early in upper peninsula history. And as Ukrainian citizens continue to fight Russian aggression and work to rebuild normal life in the midst of conflict. It’s what we in the Copper Country call sisu.

The Upper Peninsula has always stood for a different way of life, for democracy and for freedom. And so the spirit of Ukraine is connected to the Upper Peninsula. I know we call is sisu, but if you’ve been watching Ukraine at all, and you’ve been seeing the spirit of the fighters. The resiliency of the people on the ground, cleaning roads immediately so they can continue the beauty of life and strength. That is what connects the Upper Peninsula with Ukraine. – Nadija Packauskas, Co-Founder of Yoopers for Ukraine

The event will have a number of film screenings, a silent auction featuring local art – and of course people who can talk with some authority about the situation on the ground in Ukraine. “Baba Babee Skazala: Grandmother Told Grandmother”, Ukrainian children taken from their homes by Soviets and Nazis in world war two. Another film will make it’s American debut, with a screening of 52 Days of War.

In addition to the screening of “Baba Babee Skazala” we are going to have a first time screening in the U.S. of Odesa Photo Days Festival video, 52 Days of War. Which is a compilation of 52 photographers, 52 days of the current war in Ukraine. So we will show that short film, as well. And we will show this longer documentary film that’s won numerous awards. And then we will have a discussion. – Nadija Packauskas, Co-Founder of Yoopers for Ukraine

The group is hoping for a big turnout. But if you are not able to make it, and want to help Yoopers for Ukraine with the fundraising goal it is okay to simply purchase a ticket. All proceeds from the event, ticket sales, and auction bids, will go toward their goal of raising over 20,000 dollars. Go to the Rozsa Center’s website to purchase tickets for Yoopers for Ukraine’s Night of Cinema and Art Gala.