Houghton High School Drama Club Performing at the Calumet Theatre

Houghton High School’s drama club are performing in a special location this weekend. Students perform Night Chills, tonight, and throughout the weekend in the calumet theater. The show is directed by the notable David Crowley, who plays a duel role, performing also as the legendary Edgar Allan Poe. Night Chills is a collection of four of Poe’s works condensed into short scenes and is wildly entertaining.

In order to give them all decent parts, that’s why we’re doing four performances, I basically created two casts with all the same people. Play a character in one of the stories on Thursday and Friday. And play a different character in a different story on Saturday and Sunday. – David Crowley

The show tonight starts at 7 pm. Tickets are 750 for an adult, 550 for students. Attendees can also purchase 50/50 raffle tickets, to help support the Houghton High School drama club. Check the Calumet Theatre’s website for show times.