Sundae in the Park Opens New Mohawk Location

Today Sundae in the Park held a soft open for their newest location in Mohawk. Tom and his wife Suzanne Fouts, already run the sundae in the park at Fort Wilkins and Mclain state parks. Last year when their local bank closed down. They both thought it would make a great spot for a drive thru and walk up restaurant.

“We’re looking forward to paying some bills. [laughter]. This chicken is amazing, the Broster Chicken is outstanding. 25 flavors of ice cream. Our sub sandwiches, if you’ve had them at Fort Wilkins or Mclain’s, knows that they’re great. We slice all the meat fresh we slice all the veggies fresh. We are going to have hot subs, and pizza coming soon. But we have too much on our plate right now, Ive still gotta figure out how the kitchen going to work.” – Tom Fouts, Co-Owner Sundae in the Park

Sundae in the park will have their full menu ready by June. The pair recently received their paperwork from the health department and found it to be a beautiful day in the copper county. Check them out on us-41 in Mohawk tomorrow, and get an extra scoop for us.