CCISD and PHF Working in Tandem to Retain a Young Workforce in the Region

HOUGHTON – A major issue facing the copper country is an aging population coupled with a shrinking workforce. And that is why the portage health foundation and copper country intermediate school district are looking into how the organizations can work toward a common goal; keeping students coming back home to build their careers and lives. P-h-f has found that proper nutrition can play a role economic opportunities and the vitality of a community.

Some of the things we’re doing at the CTE Center now. We’re just finishing up a project. We’ve expanded some classrooms. We’re trying to stat a business program. We’re expanding our health careers program to do EKG certification, and we put a lab there. We’re taking the print shop, that’s currently at the CCISD building right now. We’re re-locating it to the CTE Center. With the hope that we can tie that with the graphic design program with Finalnda. – Jim Rautiola, Superintendent CCISD

P-h-f and the copper country intermediate school district both want to find ways of getting students to grow their skills into fulfilling careers. Whether that means a technical career or going on to higher education. C-c-i-s-d has begun expanding their opportunities for students, by expanding classrooms, starting a business program, and an EKG certification course. Working in tandem with p-h-f, both groups plan to help students grow into leaders in the community.

Portage Health Foundation

Copper Country Intermediate School District

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