HANCOCK – Tomorrow is the last day for local growers to register for the Copper Country Senior Meals’ open house. Senior Meals is hosting local food producers at their office next Monday, as the organization looks to fill a large need. Copper Country Senior Meals wants to implement more locally grown produce an food into their meals for local elderly residents for the meal delivery program.

“We’re looking for anyone who is related to food in some capacity. So, everyday we deliver a hot meal to 300 seniors in the Copper Country area. And we are looking to incorporate more locally produced foods. Whether that is vegetables, fruits, or even meat or fish. And then looking at ways we might be able to use those same foods, process them. So that we can use them later in the year.” – Kathleen Harter, Executive Director, Copper Country Senior Meals

Farmers, seniors and CCSM all benefit from implementing more locally grown food into meals for residents. There is a sense of pride that delivery drivers, senior meals, and farmers get when working together, especially when working toward a quality life for elders in the community.  Local growers will take a short tour of Copper Country Senior Meals facility, as well as share one of the many healthy meals the organization delivers to seniors. Copper Country Senior Meals will then have a Q&A session to answer any questions farmers may have. Registration ends tomorrow, and the Open House is May 9th. Contact Kathleen Harter with Copper Country Senior Meals at 906-483-1155 or by emailing main@coppercountryseniormeals.org with interest in the open house.