Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra Preforming O Furtuna and Others from Carmina Burana

HOUGHTON – For 50 years the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra has brought beautiful music to the Copper Country. The group of ever changing MTU students and local musicians is the oldest orchestra in the Upper Peninsula and is one of five in the upper great lakes. This weekend the symphony will be heard all around, in their home of the Rozsa.

“Carmina Burana is probably the most popular choral, orchestral work in classical music. Its shown up in countless movies and commercials. When people hear the music they instantly recognize it. Carmina Burana was played by the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra to launch the Rozsa Center back in 2000. It’s a very rousing, disobedient, bombastic piece, but the crowd really eats it up.” – Joel Neves, Music Director, Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra

Carmina Burana is loud, rowdy and loads of fun. The orchestra will perform alongside the Michigan Tech concert choir and chamber singers. The show includes over 20 satirical poems set to music, including the well-known O Furtuna.

“Its been more than two years, pre-covid, since we’ve had a large concert with the orchestra and singers. You don’t realize how special it is until you lose it. We’ve got alumni from the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra. We have an alumni of the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra from 1971, that’s joining us. And alumni through the decades. Its really going to be a special event.” – Joel Neves, Music Director, Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra

Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra members are excited to get back out on stage and in front of a crowd. Musicians will also pay tribute to the region’s Finnish heritage and to brothers and sisters in Ukraine. The show on Saturday starts at 7:30 pm inside the Rozsa Center. Tickets are 19 dollars for adults and 6 for kids, and can be purchased online.

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