Negaunee Seeks To Establish Historic District Study Committee

What does a city’s history mean to the people who live and work in it?

The city of Negaunee will be establishing an historic district study committee to find an answer to that question. I spoke with Nate Heffron the city manager to get details on the plan.

“The next step that the city of Negaunee has take is announce that is going to do an historic district study committee. It might be a little confusing for folks out there because we have just created an historic district with a Federal designation and when that designation is made it is more of an honorary title. What this local historic district would do is create an historic district commission and they would be able to start making standards. For instance, if someone wants to do some work on the outside of their building in this district, they’d have to come before this committee first to get approval before they conduct that work.”