End-of-Season Winter Fun

As we inch closer to spring and the snow melts away, March is a great time to enjoy some end of season fun at your local skill hill.

Residents of the Upper Peninsula pride themselves on the area’s natural beauty. In winters, part of that natural beauty is the abundance of elevation and terrain which lends itself….to winter downhill sports.

Advanced skiers and snowboarders may complain that spring conditions are wet and the melting snow is too slow but this is exactly why spring is the best time for the inexperienced to learn how.

Pick any of the 8 ski resorts in the UP and they’ll likely have instructors available who can help you get started. Some resorts also provide end of season package deals and events to encourage more people to enjoy the last of the winter snow.

And if you’re not into skiing or snowboarding, nearly all ski resorts in the UP host or partner with guides providing snowshoe tours, cross country ski excursions, snowmobile trips and more.