Ukrainian MTU Students Organize Demonstrations Throughout the Week

HOUGHTON – Michigan Tech has one of the largest international student populations among universities. That includes students from Ukraine, like Nazar Gora, and his wife Adelina Oronova. Over the weekend and throughout the week they have organized MTU students and locals who show support for Ukraine. Their families are safe right now and they both have been in constant contact since before last week’s invasion.

“My family is in the West part of Ukraine. So they are safe. Because Russian troops are in the south and east. Each day they hear alarm because of [Russian] planes and jets that are in almost [the] whole country. So Russia’s trying to destroy our infrastructure, in different places, not just the front lines. My wife’s family is in the south part of Ukraine. Their city was attacked by missiles, but they are safe as well. They have shelter.” – Nazar Gora, MTU Student

Both say that Ukraine’s democracy is under attack from Russia, and this is not new to their people. Following protests in Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity, an election was called and Ukrainians overwhelmingly voted for a pro-democratic government. Since that election in 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin moved quickly to invade the Crimean Peninsula in southern Ukraine. But the Ukrainian people will remain united no matter what happens in the coming weeks.

“During the demonstrations here at Tech, or like during the last ones, this week at [the] lift bridge. Like we saw people coming here, regardless of the weather. We know that everybody is helping us in the ways they can. Spreading the word on donating, calling your Congressmen. We really see it [the support]. And I see it here in our local community. And it helps us, like, to survive all of that, because we know we are not alone.” – Adelina Oronova, MTU Student

Many countries have taken swift action against Russia and its president. Support for the Ukrainian people has shown up all over the world, through demonstrations, giving of arms, and countries blessing asylum to those fleeing. There are many ways to help show support for Ukraine during this time, links to which can be found below, courtesy of Nazar and Adelina.

There is a Demonstration happening today on MTU’s campus from 1 pm to 4 pm. And there will be a panel discussion in the East Reading Room in the Opie Library on campus this Sunday. The panel will start at 3 pm. A zoom link will be available below for the discussion. Below you can find other resources for donating to various Ukrainian Humanitarian outlets, to write to you congressmen, and a link to Yoopers for Ukraine’s facebook. to write to your congressmen

Come Back Alive NGO that helps Ukrainian Soldiers

Ukrainian Red Cross

Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan

Razom Emergency Response Fund

United Help for Ukraine, Medical Aid and Humanitarian Relief for Front Lines

Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine. Fundraiser by Nova Ukraine