Volunteer Still Needed for CopperDog 150 Race This Weekend

CALUMET – The dogs and mushers are gearing up for another year of the CopperDog 150. Over the weekend training for volunteers took place at Calumet High School. In order for CopperDog to run smoothly each year, 358 volunteer slots are needed. There are still some open spots left to volunteer. Most notably, volunteer coordinator, Krissy Tepsa, said the CopperDog still needs volunteer crossing guards at three locations along the race route. If you are interested in volunteering time on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the race please contact Krissy Tepsa.

Critical need locations for Friday night: 205 – US41/Phoenix store – crossing guards + timer 9:19pm-12:51am (12-15 ppl) , #213/#214 – Garden City – 9:32pm-1:18am (12 ppl), #220 – Padburg Rd 9:48pm-1:46am (9 ppl)

CopperDog 150 Volunteer Registration

Krissy Kovachich
Volunteer Director, Musher Liaison, Adopt a Musher