Update; Water Main Bursts in Hubbell, Boil Advisory in Place

Hubbell’s boil advisory is no longer in effect as of this morning. On Thursday evening, last week, a main water line on M-26 in Hubbell near 10th Street burst. Crews began work in the early morning hours the next day to fix the issue. Cold temperatures were suspected to be the cause of the water main burst, which caused water pressure in the system to drop as low as 20 psi. The boil advisory put in place over the weekend was a precautionary measure by the Upper Michigan Water Company to protect residents from contaminants.

HUBBELL – Hubbell is under a boil advisory due to a burst water main on M-26. Motorist should be aware of work happening along the shoulder as you enter Hubbell from Tamarack City. Water pressure fell to below 20 psi at around 2 am this morning. Workers for Upper Michigan Water Company said the issue began late Thursday. Crews are unsure of the cause, though cold temperatures are suspected to be a factor. Once the main has been fixed, samples will be sent to the state lab for evaluation. The boil advisory will remain in effect until the sample results are in. It is advised to boil water for a minimum of 2 minutes, in order to kill off any harmful contaminants.