Founders’ Friday In Marquette

Mentorship is an important part of professional development but its not always easy to find a mentor. If you’ve ever wondered where to get feedback or advice on business ideas, a great place to start may be Founder’s Friday in downtown Marquette. Downtown Marquette on Friday mornings, if you were to walk past the windows of Campfire Coworks (coworking space), you may have noticed a diverse group of people talking together. Although it may look and feel like a group therapy session, its actually something more powerful. Founders’ Friday is a networking & mentoring event which happens bright &e early every Friday morning at 7am. Who shows up to these early meetings? Some of the hardest working, most inspired people in the UP. The Founders’ Friday meetings are open to the public and attendees encourage anyone with an interest in business or entrepreneurship to check it out. And you don’t have to be a business owner, even if you are just curious about entrepreneurship, you’ll be accepted with open arms. To learn more, visit the StartupGrindMarquette Facebook Page.