Keweenaw National Historic Park Recognizes the Influential Women in the Copper Country

Behind every great man stands an even greater woman. Tonight at 6 pm the Keweenaw National Historic Park’s Interpretative Ranger Lynette Weber is hosting a virtual conference to talk about the great history of the influential women in the Copper Country. Weber will go into further detail using historical records, to discuss the impact of women like “Big Annie” Clemenc. Big Annie was a major labor activist during the copper boom in the Keweenaw, and an active participant in the Copper Country Strike of 1913-14. She was a leader and founding member of the Women’s Auxiliary No. 15 for the Western Federation of Miners. The Copper Country Strike was unsuccessful, but is considered a turning point in mining in the copper country and for workers rights in the region. The Keweenaw National Historic Park will also talk about the book “Women of the Copper Country” by Mary Doria Russell. That book was published this past July.

Tonight at 6 pm

Feb 12 at 4pm

Feb 23 at 4 pm

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