DCH And Marshfield Merger Soon Complete

Dickinson County Memorial Hospital (DCH) will soon complete its deal with Wisconsin based Marshfield Clinic Health System. Here are a few key points on this deal and how it will impact DCH in the future.

DCH is in the final stages of its merger with Marshfield Clinic Health System

DCH CEO Chuck Nelson said “everything still seems to be on track.” By February 1st, the Marshfield affiliation contract will be completed. After closing the deal, operations will be turned over to Marshfield with oversight from a local advisory board in Dickinson County. Marshfield is planning to invest 26mil into the DCH hospital over the next five years. This cap invest will allow for the construction of a regional cancer care center as well as expanding outpatient surgeries, pediatric, primary and emergency care. As part of the merger, Marshfield made a commitment to retaining core serviced and medical practices for the next ten years.