NMU “JJPacks” helps local K-12 students in need

Marquette- Marquette area schools offer free or reduced breakfasts and lunches for students from low income households. Many times students go without food on days that they don’t get school meals. Morgan Chittister, a senior at Northern Michigan University, talked with ABC 10, about the annual JJPacks program put on by the Center for Student Enrichment at the University.

“So I work at the Center for Student Enrichment and this is one of the yearly events that we put on. It’s my first year in the office so I got the opportunity to take on this project. It was really cool because I got to reach out to a bunch of local nonprofits and community members, and figure out what ways that we could best serve Marquette.”

“JJpacks is a local non-profit dedicated to feeding students in the Marquette area in the after school hours or especially on the weekends. Schools do offer free or reduced lunches during the day. When students are home over the weekend or breaks, they don’t necessarily have continued access to those nutritious meals.”

“We just got started but I think we’ve already got like 20 or 30  little tiny bags. We got lots to go but it’s very exciting.”

Four of Marquette area elementary schools are participating in the JJPacks program, including Graveraet, Cherry Creek, Superior Hills, Sandy Knoll, Marquette Senior High School and the Alternative High School. 

For more information on how you can help the Marquette area Public Schools by volunteering to help create JJPacks, or to donate to the organization, contact them on their website at www.Marquette.revtrak.net or at www.jjpacks.org.