Calumet’s Missing Ballot Petition Issue May be Resolved Soon

The case of a missing ballot petition in Calumet may be resolved soon. A petition to make the village clerk an elected position was lost after it was officially received in the village office. Last night, Calumet Village Lawyer, James Tercha updated the village council. Tercha said he met with County Clerk, Jennifer Kelly, earlier this week to come up with a plan.  But time is short. The deadline to submit a new ballot petition is January 25.

“The clerk, Mrs. Kelly, Indicated that the copy could be substituted for the original. And in that case, she indicated, that she would prefer, that if we were to rely on the photocopy of the petitions. That Mrs. Germain, meet with the clerk, in the office here. And we make a couple of copies, she keep her copy, but we send a copy to the township, and we keep a copy here for the village. And I would be happy to be here too, if that would aid in moving things along.” – James Tercha, Village of Calumet Legal Council

During a special meeting last week, Calumet resident Peggy Germain told the council she had kept a copy of the petition she filed last year. Tercha said he’s reached out to Germain about her copy of the petition, but hasn’t heard back.  If Germain can produce the petition, the issue will go on the ballot.

“After making copies here, we would proceed to the township office. Check to see if there are adequate signatures on the petitions. And if that were the case, and as I mentioned the county clerk Jennifer Kelly would be present too. If that were the case than we could proceed to put both ordinances on the ballot for Tuesday May 3rd.” – James Tercha

After the petition is verified in the presence of the Houghton County Clerk at the township office. Voters will decide on both petitions in May 3rd election. Otherwise the situation will fall back to step one and will need to be resolved. No matter what happens by next Tuesday, the petition for treasurer to become an elected village position will be on the May ballot.