Hip-Hop and Hopzilla: “The Pet of The Week”


Meet Hip-Hop and Hopzilla.

These two are quite the heir pair, with their unique adorable look both are lionhead rabbits that dare we say are a ball of fun.

Hip-Hop is the darker haired, and Hopzilla more of a golden brown.

These adorable little pets are around 3 months old and require a steady supply of hay, and fresh water with their favorite nutrition pellets.

These cuddly guys love interaction, exercise and of course the love every pet deserves, and who could say no to a face like that.

Important to note these two are a bonded pair of adorable rabbits who come microchipped, fixed and ready for a new home and owner to cuddle up to.

If you’re interested in adopting Hip-Hop and Hopzilla you can contact UPAWS at 906-475-6661.