MTU Included with Federal Contractor Mandate, Employees Need COVID Vaccine by January 10th

Michigan Tech employees will need to receive the COVID – 19 vaccine by January 10th. After a federal executive order was issued back in September, students and employees who work for the school through work-study programs or research funded by federal dollars, will need to get the vaccine or file an exception by that date.

Because much of the work done at m-t-u is research based the school falls under the mandate for federal contractors.

University Marketing and Communications Director Ian Repp said the mandate extends to those who work in more general settings as well.

MTU started requiring masks inside campus buildings again. Repp said the action was necessary because of increased COVID – 19 spread both on campus and throughout the county.

MTU tracks its own cases through an on-campus testing site. Cases reported by students and faculty who get off-campus testing are also counted.

Since the beginning of the semester the school has counted 59 total cases among students and employees.