Diaper Marquette County To Hold Diaper Drive This Week

Caring for an infant can be expensive. One of the most costly things for parents is diapers.

That’s the reason behind a diaper drive that’s being held by a local organization this week.

Diaper Marquette County’s fall diaper drive started today and runs through Friday.

The organization is teaming up with the new free store which provides support to families and individuals in need.

“For the last 11 years, I’ve been working with families with infants and small children and throughout that process, I’ve found that there is a need for diapers, for wipes,” said Diaper Marquette Founder, Melinda Britton. “Seeing how some families really do struggle to afford those things for their families, I felt like I really wanted to bring something to create awareness and I couldn’t not do something as I’ve seen this grow and grow.”

The organization held a diaper drive in Spring and collected 200 packs of diapers.

A list of places where donations are accepted is on your screen.

Bins for diapers will be available at each drop–off location.

For more information, visit the link below.

Diaper Marquette County | Facebook